How to Find the PERFECT Ball State House for Rent

Finding a quality off-campus house for rent near Ball State should be a fun and exciting experience. However, because of the numerous options and many uncertainties, it can unfortunately become a very stressful process.  Don't let that be the case for you!

Here are 7 TIPS which will help you with your Ball State off-campus housing search:  

1.  Find Responsible Roommates

Before you start touring houses for rent near Ball State, find roommates who are as responsible and as serious about living off-campus as you are.  Finalize your group early on, and know how much rent each person is willing to pay. Would your group prefer a lease starting in May and ending after graduation, or does everyone want a lease starting in August and ending in July?  Having a group organized, committed and knowing the leasing period they prefer allows you to be decisive once you find that perfect Ball State rental house.

2.  Start Your Search Early

The NICE Ball State rental houses rent quickly... early in the school year!  Lease signing for off-campus houses for rent near Ball State begin as early as late-August for the following academic year.  Once you find a NICE house, don't procrastinate!

3.  Location, Location, Location

Being really close to Ball State's campus is a really big deal. You’ll appreciate the convenience of having a short walk to campus. Plus, it’s easier to feel like you’re still a part of the BSU student community.

4.  Find a NICE House

Details matter here!  Has the BSU rental house been updated or remodeled?  Does it have old windows or have they been replaced with new ones?  How’s the kitchen look? How about the bathrooms? Has the heating/cooling system been updated?  What about the electrical service? Is there off-street parking for everyone? Take a close look at the house, and ask questions… don’t be shy!

5.  Rent from a Reputable Landlord

Like anywhere else, Landlords around Ball State have reputations too.  Find a good one, and stay away from the bad ones. The word gets out… ask upperclassmen or check with Ball State Student Legal Services .  Are you renting directly from an owner, or will you have to deal with a management company? Is the Landlord committed to handling maintenance issues in a timely manner? Does the landlord have a full-time person whose full-time job is to handle maintenance issues (Who We Are)?  Is the landlord a member of the local University Areas Landlord Association?  All of this affects the quality of your Ball State off-campus renting experience.

6.  Understand the Lease Agreement

Does each person in your group sign his/her own INDIVIDUAL Lease Agreement, or does everyone in your group sign the same Lease Agreement?  Again, details matter! If everyone signs the same contract, what happens if one roommate bails on your group? Do the remaining tenants have to make up the shortfall in order to stay in the house?  Do you want to be legally responsible for your roommates rent payments? Ask the landlord, and read the lease agreement… understand the type of Lease Agreement you are signing.

7.Be Decisive - Act Fast

Many Ball State students sign leases for off-campus rental houses very early in the school year... late-August or early September. While there are typically houses available later in the “rent season”, they are usually the less-desirable ones.  The NICE Ball State houses for rent just don’t last long. Once you find a house you like, move on it or others will.


While searching for that PERFECT Ball State house for rent, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions, or need any assistance.